Busy. Busy. Busy.

Not so productive with this blog recently. Was waaaayy too busy. Tons of homework, assignments and tests. Sleepless nights. Ended up with headaches. So, I tried to use my time more wisely and I spent (almost) all the spare time I had to…..sleep :p
No, it’s not yet done. Another weeks are coming, with more homework, assignments, and tests waiting. No worries, I’ll make sure all these hecticness will be paid. 🙂

Anyway, here it is, one of the things that keep me busy. An assignment for art class.
Not yet finished on the picture below, but it has been finished. I just didn’t take the picture and directly submit it, hehe.



Creating A Simple html Webpage!

Yay for yesterday’s ICT (Information and Communication Technology) lesson! 😀

So, yesterday I was taught the basic of making an html web page which I consider will be very useful in the future (and even now). I can now change the font color , font size, the font itself , make it bold, italic, or underlined. Yes, I am very grateful to learn about this, since I think wordpress don’t support some of them. :p

Will surely learn more in the next session which is next week since I only have the lesson once a week on Wednesdays. Will probably tell you when I learn something new 🙂

*p.s wait…can you see the font size and type change? Because when I click the preview I can see it, but when I open the page I can’t see any changes, weird. Is it because of the mobile version or the web version is also the same? Yes, I am confused and don’t. Laugh. At. Me.

Okay, just kidding. You may laugh, but not too loud, please.

What? You are confused? Then let me be the one to laugh at you! 😀

Okay, I’m getting random. Better quickly end this sentence and click the update button.

Anyway, this is the preview, to make those randomness above clearer: