The Bomb Has Exploded, None Was Saved.

So I’ve been growing a bomb.
Just a small one, but it grows a little bigger each time.
I know, one day it would become too big.
I know, one day I would no longer be able to handle it.
I know, one day….it would explode.

And it has exploded.
A huge explosion.
Much greater than I could’ve ever imagined.
Everybody was scared, and I was too.
Even the King knelt down asking for mercy.

Too late…
The bomb has exploded. None was saved.

Picture taken from here


Busy. Busy. Busy.

Not so productive with this blog recently. Was waaaayy too busy. Tons of homework, assignments and tests. Sleepless nights. Ended up with headaches. So, I tried to use my time more wisely and I spent (almost) all the spare time I had to…..sleep :p
No, it’s not yet done. Another weeks are coming, with more homework, assignments, and tests waiting. No worries, I’ll make sure all these hecticness will be paid. 🙂

Anyway, here it is, one of the things that keep me busy. An assignment for art class.
Not yet finished on the picture below, but it has been finished. I just didn’t take the picture and directly submit it, hehe.


This Too, Shall Pass.

Gloomy days, teary eyes.
I’m questioning about life.
I thought I’d come to a happy ending.
Why must all these things happened?
Should it end this way?

I’ve come to the answer.

Life has never been easy.
Life has been a suffering itself.
No one to blame, nothing to curse.
Just accept it as it comes.
No worries.
Nothing’s forever.
Storms will be over.
Rainbow’s waiting.
Yes, this too, shall pass…

Semarang, November 3, 2012

Image is taken from here.